Salesforce CTO Says 'We Need to Change the Way We Build Everything' to Ensure IoT Security

While the Internet of Things (IoT) has created endless possibilities by allowing everyday objects to have network connectivity, it has also created more opportunities for security vulnerabilities.

CRN reports that Salesforce CTO Taher Elgamal recently spoke at the IEEE World Forum of IoT, saying that security experts are still trying to understand the full spectrum of possible attacks on connected devices – and how to protect against them.

Photo by Chesky_W/iStock / Getty Images

Elgamal noted some real-world issues, saying that "Crossing into the physical world of IoT is taken very lightly – but it shouldn't be. As a society, we need to build systems that are better and that aren't open so that hackers can access them."

"We need to change the way we build everything," Elgamal said. "When you cross to the physical world, the value of these devices is not obvious anymore. We need to re-evaluate the threat modeling."

Read the full story here for some other interesting points Elgamal made regarding the way the industry needs to approach security.