Is the Internet of Things Safe?

By Ana Bera, co-founder of SafeAtLast


If you like Sci-Fi movies you can probably name a couple of films where robots went rogue. People have worried about the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robots for decades now. As the Internet of Things (IoT) grows more popular it brings a whole new debate to the table. Is it safe?

What is the Internet of Things?

The IoT is like a large network that covers the globe. It spreads to wherever the internet reaches. But in actual fact, it’s much simpler than that. It simply means that devices and computers (things) are now able to use the internet to communicate. This is beneficial for all kinds of processes. It is already applied in many fields of research and probably every industry of business.

An ordinary device like a fridge can now become a smart refrigerator through IoT technology. Smart fridges can use the internet to search for recipes. You can monitor it remotely through your smartphone. Some fridges will have on-board cameras for you to quickly check if you have enough milk. You can even give a smart refrigerator the task to order groceries to be delivered at your door. This is all possible through IoT technology.

What Is It Used for?

So before we look at how safe IoT is,let’s first consider what it’s used for. The application of technology can lead you to understand its purpose. This will help to gauge the risks surrounding its use. Here is a short list of the global IoT market segments and its share.

Global IoT Market Share:

  • Smart Cities – 28.6%

  • Industrial IoT – 26.4%

  • Connected Health – 22%

  • Smart Homes – 15.4%

  • Connected Cars – 7.7%

IoT technology has spread to almost every part of human life. It helps to access information with greater speed and accuracy. It helps to speed up manufacturing processes. It improves market research. Healthcare services are also improved by IoT technology. IoT doesn’t aim to change the course of the project it helps. It supports the project to be more successful.

How Does It Benefit its User?

The use of IoT obviously has to have some benefits. It’s made evident by the predictions made about the growth of the technology. The IoT market is estimated to grow with between 36-39% per year for the next two years. So, what benefits do people gain from using it?

Cash Savings

Businesses love to save money. Saving hard earned cash opens up more possibilities to invest in the areas with the best returns. IoT enabled solutions help to save money in ways that have not been possible yet.

Time Savings

The IoT helps to hasten certain processes. All kinds of devices that connect to the internet like beacons, smart beams, and sensors can help to make manufacturing processes faster. It helps to improve the productivity of a business which leads to many more positive effects.

Increased Safety

Smart security products depend on IoT technology. You can open and close a smart lock over your phone. You can toggle light switches through an app and you can keep an eye on your home through CCTV footage fed to your smartphone. IoT technology improves security systems to grant its users more control.

What’s the Verdict?

Like anything else,  safety depends on the application. IoT will be safe as long as people use it responsibly and wisely. It’s after all designed to make life better, cheaper and safer. Here are a few tips to help you with the safe use of IoT solutions.

Safety Tips for IoT:

  • Encrypt your network – A network that is encrypted will protect any device it supports.

  • Good data privacy habits – Don’t reuse passwords and change the login credentials whenever you buy new products.

  • Switch off unused features – Switch off any product or service features that you aren’t using. For instance, switch off voice command purchases to stop your kids from ordering toys online.

It’s Your Move

The world is full of risk. Fear of change and new things will always cause people to be a skeptic at new inventions. The Internet of Things is safe as long as you use it responsibly and wisely.

Take a look at the latest IoT statistics to find out more about IoT distribution, usage and future predictions.

About the Contributor, Ana Bera

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